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Bangkok Floral Design
  How to purchase/order flowers
       Online Service every 24 hours
       Order by phone at (662) 934-8105
       Order by fax at (662) 957-5628
  Place order at least 24 hours before delivery date is generally available for Bangkok area only. You can purchase flower from us online, phone, fax. Confirmation will be made within (24) hours upon receipt of the order. Once the order is confirmed, we will reply by e-mail to the customer.

All item are made and available in a variety of price ranges as indicated. All price have already included of delivery service charges.

  Method of Payment
       1. Provide your credit card (visa/master) online.
       2. You can deposit your remittance Thai Baht to our bank account as the following.
       3. Make over the counter payments at our office
Branch Account
Account No.
Bangkok Bank Yakult Building Saving Account Bangkok Flowers Limited
Siam Commercial Bank Siwara Intersection Saving Account Bangkok Floral Design Limited Partnership 140-231532-4
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